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Screening in secondary schools
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Our Hearing Screening Programme has expanded rapidly since our initial pilot screenings in 2019. In 2022, we are looking forward to being able to provide screening at 40 secondary schools across New Zealand thanks to the support of our donors and partners.


The most recent results are worrying, with 21% of year 9 students being picked up across 4 schools with an abnormal result. This is programme is vital for ensuring young people are not falling through the gaps and can receive the support they need.

Even a mild hearing loss can have life-long impacts on education, social wellbeing and mental health. NFDHH’s Hearing Screening Programme is essential for ensuring the early signs of hearing loss are picked up as young people start their secondary school education. 

If you would like to know more about NFDHH’s Hearing Screening Programme, please click the button below and complete our enquiry form. Request more information here.

1 in 5 young people globally now have a disabling hearing loss. This number is expected to double over the next 30 years if we do nothing.

Together, we can combat this devastating trend. 

Sponsor a child's hearing screening

With your help, young people’s hearing loss will no-longer go undiagnosed and untreated.

Today we’re asking you to sponsor a child's Hearing Screening. It costs $65 to screen one child's hearing. Supporting this programme, you’ll be helping to change a life and inspire more young people to value their hearing. 

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Where we've screened so far.

Learn more about Hearing Loss in Schools

Click below to watch Breatkfast, Seven Sharp and News Hub's coverage of our hearing screenings in secondary schools. 

What our screening results reveal
Listen Up 2019 New Zealand Report

The Listen Up New Zealand 2019 Report outlines the findings from NFDHH's initial pilot Hearing Screenings at three New Zealand secondary schools in 2019.  

  • 479 year 9 students had their hearing screened.

  • 161 had an abnormal hearing result, (that’s one in three!).  

Download the full report here.

Youth Hearing Loss Report 2021

In 2021, NFDHH carried out a supporting study, following the Listen Up New Zealand 2020 report. Eight additional secondary schools were screened at to assess the relationship between listening habits and year 9 student’s hearing abnormalities.


Download the full report here.

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