Employment Opportunities and Mentoring for Young People with Hearing Loss

Getting that first job after you leave school is a challenge for any young person. For those with hearing loss, finding employment may be even more challenging.  That's why we are here to help. In August 2019, we launched the Youth Employment Programme for young adults, aged 18 - 24, with hearing loss. 

  • The goal of the Youth Employment Programme is to ensure that hearing loss does not limit a young person’s career choices.  

  • We are working alongside New Zealand schools, employers and students to bridge the gap between study and employment.  

Employment Opportunities in 2020

The National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is collecting registrations now, and placements are available throughout 2020. 
Students who have a hearing loss and are about to transition from study into the workforce are invited to contact us in advance to find out more about this opportunity.  
If you’re aged between 18 and 24, have a hearing loss and are interested in joining the Youth Employment Programme, please register your interest today.

What can I expect from the Youth Employment Programme?

Successful candidates of the Youth Employment Programme will be placed with an employer who is also a member of the Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme. This will help to ensure you'll be working in a supportive environment, with an organisation that is inclusive of the needs of those with hearing loss.


A mentor will also be provided throughout your placement. Mentors will act as conduits between you and your employer to ensure you get the support you need and to assist you as you transition into the workplace.

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