World Hearing Day 2022
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World Hearing Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd March to raise awareness of preventable hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care around the world.


This year, the WHO's theme is "To hear for life, listen with care!".


In 2022 World Hearing Day also marks the launch of the global standard for safe listening in entertainment venues​, and the Safe Listening handbook. 

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To hear for life, listen with care!

World Hearing Day 2022 focuses on the importance of hearing loss prevention through safe listening, with the following key messages:

  • It is possible to have good hearing across the life course through ear and hearing care​

  • Many common causes of hearing loss can be prevented, including hearing loss caused by exposure to loud sounds​

  • ‘Safe listening’ can mitigate the risk of hearing loss associated with recreational sound exposure​

  • The World Health Organisation calls upon governments, industry partners and civil society to raise awareness for and implement evidence-based standards that promote safe listening

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