Take 30 is about raising awareness for what it's like to live with hearing loss. 

The Take 30 Challenge was postponed due to COVID-19 and is being relaunched in September 2020.


Hearing loss can significantly impact someone's life 24/7. This September, we are inviting you to step into the shoes of someone with hearing loss for 30 minutes.


It’s a chance for everyone to learn new skills, and to become more aware of the barriers people who are Deaf or hard of hearing may face in everyday conversations, and how to overcome them.


Gather your workmates or a group of friends for a morning tea or lunch, and begin the Take 30 challenge. 


We provide everything you need to run the event, just bring the people and the cupcakes! 


You can register for your Take 30 pack by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Your Take 30 Pack Includes:

• The Take 30 Activity booklet

• Ear plugs for participants to wear

• Lip Reading Cue Cards

• NZSL Finger Spelling Cue Cards

• Information about Hearing Loss

• A Take 30 Poster to display

• A fundraising deposit slip.

Learn to FingerSpell in NZSL

NZSL is one of three official languages in New Zealand. 


Fingerspelling is a part of NZSL, and learning the alphabet is easy - it can be mastered in around ten minutes. 


Learn by following the video below, courtesy of the New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary, http://nzsl.nz.

About Lip Reading

Lipreading is a difficult skill to learn. Even people who are good at it have to guess a lot of what is being said. This is because only about 30% of lip patterns are recognisable.
Context is very important. Make sure the person lipreading you has understood the topic you’re talking about - as lipreading can lead to many possible 'readings,’ as you’ll see in the humorous video from BadLipReading.com below.

Introduce Yourself in NZSL

Learn the NZSL Alphabet

When Lip Reading Goes Wrong

Show Your Support by Taking 30!

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