Our telefundraising

The National Foundation for the Deaf runs a successful, nationwide telefundraising scheme, where people make donations after being contacted by phone.

How does it work?

A fundraiser will contact you by phone and ask you if you are able to support the Foundation. If you can, you will then be asked how you’d like to donate.

We accept donations by cash, cheque, direct credit/internet banking and credit card. If you opt for one of these methods you will be sent a letter and a prepaid envelope with which to return your donation.



If you wish to make a direct credit donation, the bank account number is
ASB 12-3109-0145354-00
Please ensure you include your supporter number (if known) or your address, so that we can send your receipt.


Donate through your telephone account

Anther popular option is to call an 0900 donation line and bill the donation to your telephone account. The donation appears as an itemised charge on your monthly telephone bill.

The Foundation has five different 0900 donation lines in our telefundraising appeals:

0900 666 15
0900 666 20

0900 777 25
0900 666 30
0900 666 50

Each will charge a different amount to your telephone bill. For example, by calling 0900 666 30, you will make a $30 donation to the Foundation.

*Please note that dialling one of our 0900 numbers does not connect you with a telephone operator. It is an automated donation line which plays a sequence of recorded messages. The first message you will hear will give you the opportunity to hang up without being charged, if you change your mind about making the donation.

No. You need to ring an 0900 donation line from the phone that you wish to be charged for the donation. The Foundation cannot access or charge your telephone account. You, or someone in the household, needs to call the 0900 number for your phone account to be charged.

Yes.  Every time you call one of the Foundation’s 0900 donation lines and follow the instructions, your telephone account is charged.

We may ask you to call a number twice if you wish to make a donation for which we do not have an appropriate 0900 donation line. For instance, if you wish to donate $100, you would be asked to call the $50 donation line twice, as we do not have a $100 line.

PLEASE NOTE: If your telephone account has been incorrectly charged twice, please call us on 0800 867 446 or email [email protected] to arrange a receipt or refund for the second transaction.  

For accounting purposes, you will need to provide us with a copy of your telephone bill and bank account details to arrange the refund. Or you can request the refund to be made by cheque.  We cannot credit your telephone account. 

You can scan/email this information to us or post it in to us at PO Box 37729, Parnell, Auckland 1151.

Donations are exempt from GST.  Some telecom providers may add a service fee when customers call 0900 numbers  We do not receive it as an extra donation.  Please speak with your telecom provider if you are concerned.

Yes, and this is why our fundraisers ask you to listen to the recorded message and note down a single-digit confirmation number when you call one of the 0900 donation lines. Hearing the number confirms you’ve made the donation, and allows us to issue a receipt for you.

In rare cases you may not receive your receipt, and if this is the case please contact us.

Yes. You can donate using your credit card over the phone, or you can ask for a letter to be sent to you so you can donate by cheque or direct credit. See Support our work

Please contact the Foundation with details of your enquiry.

Please DO NOT call the 0900 donation line unless you wish to make another donation, as it is an automated donation line and you will not be able to speak to one of our team members.