Leave a bequest

Making a bequest is one of the most valuable contributions you can make to our work.

Your gift will live beyond your own lifetime, working to ensure that New Zealanders with hearing loss will continue to have their right to full and active participation in society upheld.

We are most grateful for the bequests we receive. It is our responsibility to you that we will invest these donations prudently, to ensure the long-term future of our work.

Information about leaving a bequest

Information about leaving a bequest

We answer common questions and suggest wording for your will.

Download bequest information (PDF)

If you have already made provision in your will – thank you! Please let us know, as we would like to send you our thanks in writing.

If you wish to discuss a bequest in confidence please contact:

Lisa Talbot
Donor Relations Manager
Phone: +64 9 307 2922 
Mobile: +64 2 186 8060
Email: [email protected]