Sponsor Hearing Screening in Our Schools 
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Our free Hearing Screening Programme in secondary schools is integral to ensuring undiagnosed hearing losses are picked up and treated. We also provide hearing health education through our Make Listening Safe Programme to ensure kids understand the risks and know how to protect their hearing.

In 2022, NFDHH aims to deliver the Hearing Screening and the Make Listening Safe Programmes at 41 secondary schools. By supporting our work in schools, you will be making a valuable contribution to young New Zealanders' hearing health.

Globally, one billion children are at risk of losing their hearing due to preventable causes. Here in New Zealand, we are seeing levels of preventable hearing loss skyrocketing among young New Zealanders.

Together, we can combat this devastating trend. 

New Zealand is facing a hearing health crisis.

Our recent results show that 21% of our young people are presenting abnormal hearing results. Furthermore, of those students who received a referral, 62% were diagnosed with moderate or severe hearing loss and 37% were diagnosed with mild or slight hearing loss. These figures are sobering. Never has there been a greater need for action.


NFDHH are putting pressure on the Government to deliver a Public Health Programme that would include nationwide screening for adolescents. However, young New Zealanders need an intervention now. Your support will be pivotal in building a foundation for this legacy programme.

Become a valued partner of NFDHH School Screening Programme in 2022

In 2021, the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing have provided Hearing Screening at 15 secondary schools. This year's aim for 2022 is to more than double this number to 40! 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of private and corporate funders, the NFDHH has steadily expanded our pilot School Screening Programme over the last 2 and a half years.  To date, NFDHH has screened the hearing of close to 3,000 students across New Zealand.

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Why do Kiwi kids desperately need this programme?

Over the last 3 years, we have seen alarmingly high levels of abnormal hearing screening results among Year 9 students.


We have also learned from the students we screen that unsafe listening practices, such as listening to personal devices on max for several hours a day, is all too common. Sadly, these kids are not aware they are permanently damaging their hearing, and they desperately need to be educated about how to protect their precious hearing.

In 2021:
  • 21% of students were identified as having an abnormal result across the 15 schools we recently screened.

  • 19% of students were listening to unsafe levels at maximum volume for more than 1 hour a day. Safely, you can only listen for up to 6 minutes per week at maximum volume.

With your help we can combat this crisis.

The priority is to ensure that we are educating Kiwi kids on safe listening practices to prevent unnecessary hearing loss.


We aim to increase this important work to 40 schools this year. By supporting this programme you will leave a lasting legacy. The more schools we can reach, the more support we can offer to young New Zealanders.


By sponsoring a school, you will be helping to ensure more kids know how to protect their hearing and that those with hearing loss can receive the diagnosis and treatment they need.

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Make a tangible difference.

This is vital work. Without the Hearing Screening Programme young people like Sarah’s son would have continued their schooling with an undiagnosed hearing loss.

“I for one am so grateful for your programme. My son is in Year 9 this year and recently took part. We found out he has loss of hearing in one ear (which we knew nothing about!)...Had your programme not have been happening we would have had no idea.”

Often it is the lower decile schools where the students are most likely to fall through the gaps. NFDHH prioritises schools where our screening programme is most needed. You can be instrumental in ensuring we offer our hearing screening programme where it will do the most good.

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How does the Sponsor a School Programme work?

NFDHH will work with you, your community group or organisation to select a school in the region you, or your group or organisation wish to support.
There will be several opportunities to share stories about your school and why you, your group, or your organisation are sponsoring the Hearing Screening Programme in 2022.

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What’s included?
  • Your story will be highlighted on NFDHH social media channels (x2 posts).

  • Your group or organisation will be featured in a full-page story on NFDHH’s website.
    (There will also be opportunities to pitch this story to local news channels).

  • Your group or organisation will be featured in an article in our annual September edition of Hearing Matters Magazine.

  • Your group or organisation’s name/logo will be featured on NFDHH’s Hearing Screening Programme page as a valued sponsor.

On the screening day at the school
  • NFDHH will display a hearing screening in progress pull-up banner featuring your group or organisation’s name/logo.

  • There will be photo opportunities available with staff and students in front of the banner.

  • Your group or organisation’s team members may also wish to volunteer their time and skills on a school screening day. It’s a great way to make a positive contribution to the community.

  • All photos will be shared with your group or organisation and can be circulated across our organisation’s own media channels.

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Interested in Sponsoring a School?

If you are interested in sponsoring a school and becoming an integral partner in delivering this legacy work in New Zealand communities, please contact our Community and Corporate Partnership Manager, Linda Holmes.

Email: Linda.Holmes@nfd.org.nz

Mobile: 027 213 5543

Youth hearing loss is on the rise at an alarming rate.

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