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NFDHH have developed a range of programmes and services to support New Zealanders with hearing loss. We believe that whether at school, at work or in retirement hearing loss should be recognised, accommodated and supported.


Each of our programmes focus on creating positive hearing loss aware environments, as well as offering practical tools and support services that help people who are Deaf or hard of hearing to reach their full potential and thrive. Our programmes also focus on safe listening and the prevention of hearing loss, to ensure people of all ages know the risks and understand how to protect their precious hearing.

​Hearing Accredited

This Programme provides practical tools and training to assist organisations to become more inclusive of the 300,000+ New Zealanders who are of working age and are Deaf or hard of hearing.

It's also an opportunity for all employees to learn more about hearing health.


The programme includes online tools and resources, 2 workshops and on-site hearing screening days.

Make Listening Safe

for Kids

Noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible and completely preventable.


To ensure young people are aware of the risks, we have developed the Make Listening Safe Programme that focuses on educating young people about noise-induced hearing loss and how to protect their precious hearing.  


This programme is available to schools throughout New Zealand.

Youth Hearing

Screening Programme

With youth hearing loss on the rise, NFDHH is providing free hearing screenings to year 9 students at selected high schools across New Zealand. This programme aims to ensure young peoples’ hearing health is being monitored and that at-risk kids are receiving the support they need sooner.


In 2021, our goal is to bring our screening programme to 20 secondary schools and screen over 2,000 children's hearing.

Youth Employment Programme

The goal of the Youth Employment Programme is to ensure that hearing loss does not limit a young person’s career choices. We assist young adults as they transition into the workforce by collaborating with employers and providing ongoing mentoring during their first year of employment. 


It’s a nationwide programme that helps to bridge the gap between study and employment for young Deaf or hard of hearing New Zealanders.

Grants &


The NFD Trust offers grants and scholarships to people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, and to hearing people, who work in the Hearing Sector.


Click the button below to learn more about each grant's criteria and which would be the best fit for your application. 

The Hearing Aid Fund

Many New Zealanders need hearing aids but can’t afford them. That’s why the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing has teamed up with Lily McManus to launch the Hearing Aid Fund.


Will reopen again soon.


Click the button below to check your eligibility and pre-register for a grant from the Hearing Aid Fund.

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