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"All people who are Deaf and hard of hearing may apply for grants from the NFD Trust."

The NFD Trust ensures that grants and scholarships are available for all people who are Deaf or hard of hearing to apply for. 


The hearing able who work in the Deaf and hard of hearing sector can also apply for some of these grants. Below, you can find out more about each grant's criteria and which would be the best fit for your application. 

What NFD Scholarships and Grants Can I Apply For?

Deaf Educational Scholarship

To support individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing with their studies at a tertiary level. Find out more here.

Noonan Bequest

Supporting education and development of deaf children in the province of Canterbury. Check your eligibility here.

Training and Development Scholarship

To support individuals who are deaf,  hard of hearing with training and development. Find out more here.

Community Fund

Applicants need to demonstrate a clearly defined purpose and show how the grant's use will be of benefit to New Zealanders who are deaf or hard of hearing. Learn more here.

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