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Join the Hearing Hero Community, a group of incredible supporters committed to helping Kiwis with hearing loss. 

Your care for the 800,000+ New Zealanders living with hearing loss is of extreme importance.


Because of the support we receive from people like you, 13-year-old Jayden had his hearing loss picked up in our school screening programme. He can now receive specialist treatment and get the hearing help he needs. 


Because of the support we receive from people like you, 55-year-old Glenn is no longer uncomfortable at gatherings, hiding and unable to participate. Your care has enabled him to purchase a hearing aid and receive community support.


When you partner with NFDHH and become a Hearing Hero, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of Kiwis affected by hearing loss.


Each month, we ensure that your gift makes the maximum impact. Together, we can undertake community support, research, provide education, advocacy, and funding. From community support groups to free hearing screenings in schools, your support means so much to hard of hearing and Deaf New Zealanders.


The reliable revenue from your monthly gift also helps us plan ahead and ensures we are prepared to meet the needs of our community.

New Zealanders facing hearing loss need your support. Your regular gift will make all the difference.

How your donations make a difference
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