Vacancy: Foundation Board Members

March 13, 2018

The Organisation


The National Foundation for the Deaf promotes the rights, interests and welfare of 880,350 New Zealanders with hearing loss, supported by an esteemed membership base of consumer and professional hearing-health organisations.


The Foundation’s vision is a world where hearing and listening is valued; the consequences of hearing loss are understood; people with hearing disorders and disability can lead fulfilling lives; and the impact of hearing loss is reduced through access to treatments, technology and social support.


The Foundation’s most recent strategic plan ‘Strategic Sounds’ can be viewed by visiting www.nfd.org.nz. The key imperatives of the strategy are:

  • 1.

    Community engagement

  • 2.

    Hearing loss prevention and reduction

  • 3.

    Education and public awareness

  • 4.


  • 5.

    Supporting member organisations

  • 6.

    Global responsibility


The National Foundation for the Deaf is a cash flow positive operation with funding from multiple revenue streams but predominantly from fundraising. Cash reserves are maintained at a minimum of three months operating expenses.

The Opportunity

The National Foundation for the Deaf (NFD) is progressing well following the appointment of a new chief executive, Sue Giddens, in 2017. The NFD consists of five direct reports to the Chief Executive.

The NFD has ten member organisations, each with a different focus. All are committed to promoting good hearing, and helping those with hearing loss. The member organisations determine the Foundation's focus and purpose. They share ideas, manage joint projects and contribute to publications about hearing issues. The Council, led by Professor Peter Thorne, will be brought closer to the Foundation to support a redirection in the NFD's strategic focus over the next 12 months.

The NFD Board is made up of four current members, meeting five times a year, usually on a Tuesday evening. There are no Board committees currently set up. The board is now seeking to appoint one, preferably two new members, to diversify and address gaps in its composition from a technical, experience, and demographic perspective.

Candidate Specifications

To be considered for this role, you will ideally have:

  • 1.

    Demonstrable commercial acumen;

  • 2.

    Credible financial management skills, including budget planning and forecasting;

  • 3.

    Experience in the not-for-profit or NGO sector;

  • 4.

    Experience/understanding of strategic fundraising;

  • 5.

    Established networks, or confidence representing the Foundation publicly;

  • 6.

    Contemporary marketing experience, preferably including digital technologies and social media; and

  • 7.

    A commitment to supporting the NFD and its Chief Executive through a review of its strategic mandate.

The board would also like to better reflect the hearing loss community it serves. As such it is seeking, where possible:

  • 1.

    Board members of a different generation to the current cohort

  • 2.

    Board members with lived experience of hearing loss; and

  • 3.

    Board members of Māori or Pacific Island heritage.

Next Steps

To discuss this opportunity in confidence, please contact Aspire Executive Search

Emma Mackie-Watts, Associate

E: [email protected]
D: +64 9 555 6739
M: +64 21 140 2592

Scott Duncan, Managing Director

E: [email protected] 
D: +64 9 555 6731
M: +64 27 7000 321