"The Future of Audiology" Spring Symposium by the Oticon Foundation

August 18, 2017

"Future of Audiology" Spring Symposium - Oticon Foundation.

Gain insights into the next steps in technology and science for audiology, and a discussion panel of taboo topics.

Date: Thursday 7th September 2017

Topics covered:

Science: Molecules, pharmacology, genetics and stem cells. What is going on in the laboratories now that will influence audiology in the future?

Technology: devices to improve hearing, new testing technologies, tinnitus treatments and programming techniques. What are the technologies that will influence your clinical practice in the future?

Policy and Scope of Practice: audiologists outside the clinic, using skills and techniques in new ways. How can audiological practice be broadened and how can the invisible barriers be broken?

Taboo Topics in Audiology: Undercurrents, fear and loathing. What don’t we like to talk about?

The experts will provide their views and address your concerns and questions in an interesting and interactive day-long symposium. Be there!

More information and registration form can be found here.