Awards for captioning milestones

November 25, 2016

The Clerk of the House and those behind live captioning of the Rio Games are among the 2016 captioning awards recipients.

Key figures in the drive for full captioning of New Zealand broadcast media were today recognised for their work.

The Clerk of the House of Representatives as well as those involved in the ground-breaking live captioning of the Rio Olympics were some of the recipients of the 2016 National Captioning Awards.

The Awards were made by the Captioning Working Group (CWG), which is a collaboration of the Deaf community and Hard of Hearing sector.

“Captioning of all broadcast media is vital for hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders to achieve access, and those we’ve acknowledged today are among the pioneers in achieving much-needed captioning advances,” CWG chairwoman, Dr. Louise Sinden-Carroll said.

“We’ve seen four very significant milestones this year - live captioning of the Rio Olympic Games, live-captioning of the parliamentary debates, enabling  captioning of Prime TV so that All Blacks test are now accessible which is wonderful and as well, the captioning of the Energy, Efficiency and Conservation Authority public-service advertising.

“These are significant advances for those who are deaf or have hearing loss, but the reality is that captioning should already be a legal requirement in New Zealand as it is in countries like Australia, Britain, the United States and others.

“Broadcast video media isn’t limited just to television. It includes TV video on demand, subscription services such as Lightbox, Facebook and other web based videos shown on news media services such as OneNewsNow, NZ Herald, Stuff & The Press"

“I hope these awards show decision-makers that full captioning of television and other media is not only possible, but essential to ensure accessibility and stop the social marginalisation of the many thousands of New Zealanders with hearing loss.”

Research shows about 780,000 New Zealanders - one in every six Kiwis - has some type of hearing loss, and that for 250,000 New Zealanders, their hearing loss is a significant disability.

The awards, presented at a function hosted in Auckland by Television New Zealand, were:

  • 1.

    2016 Broadcasting Captioning Award: Mr David Wilson, Clerk of the House of Representatives, for the introduction of live captioning of broadcast Parliamentary House of Representative debates.

  • 2.

    2016 Advertising Captioning Award: The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority for routinely captioning its energy-saving television advertisements.

  • 3.

    2016 Individual Captioning Award: Ms Chris Major, for her work in facilitating captioning on Prime TV.

  • 4.

    2016 Captioning Service Excellence Award: Ms Stephanie Turner, for her work on captioning service delivery at the Able Trust.

  • 5.

    2016 Captioning Supreme Award: The National Foundation for the Deaf for underwriting $200,000 to establish live captioning on Prime.

  • 6.

    2016 Special Posthumous Captioning Award: The late Mrs Mary Hackett, The National Foundation for the Deaf board chairperson, for her work in leading the Foundation’s underwriting of the Rio Games captioning, and her work supporting the drive for broadcast captioning in New Zealand.

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