The Foundation has always had human rights on its radar. We work with many groups and individuals to highlight the injustices and inequities facing New Zealanders with hearing loss.

‘Being able to communicate is the basis for understanding and growth.’

Our advocacy on behalf of New Zealanders often starts with empowering a family or an individual. If that fails, we gather expert opinion and take the issue to the highest level, if necessary.

We are currently taking action on three issues in particular.

1.  Funding of equipment for children with APD

The funding rules for hearing aids for children with Auditory Processing Disorder are very restrictive ... more

2.  Broadcast captioning

The New Zealand government captions only a small portion of broadcast TV for the hard of hearing ... more

3.  The needs of prisoners with hearing loss

Bullying prevention workshops

We ran a series of workshops focused on identifying and preventing the bullying of people who have a hearing loss. Read more.