National advocacy and support

Across New Zealand we take up the challenging issues facing the deaf and hard of hearing community.

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    We are working with MPs and others on funding for adults’ hearing aids and cochlear implants, and access in communication, education and employment.

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    As well as leading the call for improved services, we also collaborate across the sector on issues such as captions for TV/movies, to newborn hearing screening.

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    We also support individuals or families facing a breach of their human rights in accessing services or funding for hearing loss.

Current campaigns

100% screen captioning. We are asking the government to legislate to ensure all broadcast and internet programmes are captioned.

APD support. We are making progress towards fair funding and better diagnosis and treatment for hearing aids for children with APD. 

Ministry of Health inadequate funding for hearing aids.

Newborn screening programme. With Project HIEDI we initiated this free, national service to ensure the earliest intervention and the best outcome for babies with hearing loss.  We are monitoring this to ensure there are no delays in diagnosis or treatment.

Previous action and campaigns

CapTel instant phone relay. With other groups we have brought the latest CapTel telephone service to New Zealand, which shows real-time phone conversations on a screen. 

ACC funding. On behalf of hundreds of older New Zealanders with noise-induced hearing loss, we have taken ACC’s discriminatory hearing aid policy to the Human Rights Commission.

Bullying prevention. People with disabilities are more at risk of being bullied. To raise awareness of this issue, we held workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch during Hearing Week in 2012.  

Accessible tourism. We hope our research will result in benefits for the hard of hearing while travelling – for instance in hotels and airports.