Hearing Matters magazine

Hearing Matters is a great way to stay up to date with our campaigns and events, news and stories from across the deaf and hard of hearing sector, and advances in research and technology.


The magazine comes out twice a year, in spring and autumn.


You'll notice this issue features a lot of exciting news about hearing research. We can take pride in the knowledge that our researchers here in New Zealand are on the world stage - leading the way in significant areas including hearing loss prevention, developing progressive treatment options for those with hearing loss, and evaluating treatments to manage chronic conditions such as tinnitus. Ultimately, the goal for all of this is to greatly improve patient's lives.

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Spring 2017

In this issue of Hearing Matters we interviewed Our Hearing Hero Suzanne Purdy, who has made huge contributions to the audiology profession with her research. We also have some air travel tips and information about emergency text messaging.

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Autumn 2017

This Autumn issue of Hearing Matters makes great reading! Ground breaking research into the state of hearing loss in New Zealand has just been released by the Foundation and is available here. Read more in this issue...

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Before this, the magazine was a quarterly publication, Vibrations.