Hearing Matters magazine

Hearing Matters is a great way to stay up to date with our campaigns and events, news and stories from across the deaf and hard of hearing sector, and advances in research and technology.


The magazine comes out twice a year, in spring and autumn.


In this issue we profile Karen Newborn who, despite tinnitus, Mèniére’s disease and hearing loss makes the most of life and has recently moved to the country and bought a millinery business. World leader in Tinnitus research and director at the University of Auckland, Dr Grant Searchfield shares with us a few tips and tricks to help those living with tinnitus. We also profile Northland in our new series that looks at hearing services around the country – free clinics, public services, and a sample of private clinics.

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Autumn 2016

Young cover stars Cooper, Lydia and Charlie highlight this years Hearing Week theme - ‘Childhood hearing loss: act now; here is how!
Did you know that 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable?
Plus in this issue we look at hearing loss throughout life and how to preserve your hearing.
You can read about the effects a mothers voice has on premature babies’ through to implants and seniors’ brainpower!

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Spring 2015

In this Spring issue we look at recent studies that suggest a possible link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. And we profile the research on two exciting studies using novel pathways to reduce or prevent damage from loud noise. Plus there’s an update on our Vietnam adventures and the recent Silent Leadership Challenge.

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Autumn 2015

This issue has useful information on digital and wireless technology advances. From CapTel (captioned telephony) to phone ringers, these technological advances can help you hear, communicate and access entertainment.

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