Hearing Heroes

Each year we recognise a group of Hearing Heroes – supporters who have made a significant contribution to our work.

In addition, the Hearing Hero Supreme Award goes to an outstanding New Zealander whose efforts have advanced the welfare of those with hearing loss.

Further reading:
Pauline Marshall

Suzanne Purdy

Hearing Hero 2016: Professor Suzanne Purdy

Coming soon!

David Mace

Hearing Hero 2015: David Mace

David is our 2015 Hearing Hero, read more here...

Pauline Marshall

Hearing Hero 2014: Pauline Marshall

Pauline Marshall of the Christchurch Hearing Association is the 2014 Hearing Hero.  Read more...

John Harwood

Hearing Hero 2013: John Harwood

John Harwood has spread himself far and wide in his drive to make life better for the hard of hearing. Read more...

Paul Buckrell with phones

Hearing Hero 2012: Paul Buckrell

Paul Buckrell is honoured for his work in launching a state-of-the-art captioning service. Read more...

Pr Peter Thorne

Hearing Hero 2011: Peter Thorne

Scientist, leader, educator, negotiator, fundraiser – whichever role Professor Peter Thorne plays, it’s with the same purpose: to improve life for those with hearing loss. Read more...