Silent Leadership Challenge

The Silent Leadership Challenge is a Foundation initiative involving corporate and community leaders around New Zealand.

Silent Challenge team shot
The team from Total Focus participating in the 2016 Challenge.

How it works

For part of one day, participants give up their ability to fully communicate, by taking on four communication challenges, wearing ear protectors to simulate deafness:

  • 1.

    a one-to-one meeting

  • 2.

    a team meeting

  • 3.

    a social get-together

  • 4.

    watching TV (without the aid of captions).

Raising funds and workplace awareness

Hearing loss is unrecognised and hardly ever talked about. By undertaking the challenge, the participating leaders help us to:

·  transform workplace attitudes to hearing loss prevention

·  increase workplace and community understanding and empathy for those who are hard of hearing

·  raise funds for the Foundation’s vital work.

It's a topic close to operators' hearts in our noisy plant. We fully support raising awareness of safe practices to prevent hearing loss. - Brian Ropitini and Jayne Francis, directors, Methanex, Taranaki

Sign up online

Participants register online and seek sponsorship donations from their professional and social networks. The hearing protectors are provided. 

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.silentleadershipchallenge.com