Safe Sound Indicators

The Safe Sound Indicator (SSI) is a ‘traffic light’ learning tool. Indicating noise levels, it alerts children to the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss.

SSI classroom

The Foundation developed the SSI from an idea by schoolgirl Jamie Fenton. Thanks largely to grants and donations, we have distributed over 1500 SSIs to early childhood centres and primary schools throughout the country, and we’re sending out more every day.

Toxic classroom noise

It will be no surprise to learn that the noise levels in preschools and primary schools can actually damage your ears. Open-plan classrooms can often become a danger zone for children and teachers.

The SSI was designed to prevent noise-induced hearing loss in children and teachers. You see the green light when classroom noise is at a safe level, amber to warn that it’s getting too loud, and red when noise reaches a harmful level. 

SSI Jaspal

The SSI gives visual feedback to children and teachers, enabling children to identify and manage high noise exposure. It also encourages them to think about their hearing, and protect their ears.

Order a Safe Sound Indicator

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