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In 2012 we began some workshops that help people understand hearing loss, and identify when bullying is happening. Participants also gain the tools to support and empower people with disabilities who are victims.

We started with three two-hour workshops in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. The facilitator was an expert in bullying prevention, Hadyn Olsen.

We focused on identifying and preventing the bullying of people who have a hearing loss. Each workshop included:

•  an outline of best practice communication with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing

•  examples of bullying of a deaf or hard of hearing person

•  a video interview of a woman with hearing loss who has experienced bullying

•  information about what you can do.

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Workshop resources

We want this information to reach the widest possible audience. You are welcome to adapt this material, but we expect the Foundation to be acknowledged for the original workshop and its content:

•   Workshop PowerPoint presentation (PPT)

•   Presentation notes (PDF)

•   Video 1: Kathleen's story (in NFD’s YouTube channel)

•   Video 2: A hearing therapist’s perspective (in NFD’s YouTube channel)

•   Workshop brochure (PDF)


If your organisation is interested in receiving training on this issue, please contact us.

About the workshop leader

Hadyn Olsen is an employment relations consultant who specialises in bullying prevention. He is the author of two books focusing on addressing bullying in the workplace. He works across a range of workplaces and organisations in New Zealand, and his work is supported by the EEO Trust and Department of Labour.

WAVE (Workplaces against violence in employment)