Education and prevention

It is predicted that that by 2050 one in four New Zealanders will have a hearing loss - up from one in six. We’re working to ensure this dire forecast doesn’t come true.



We advocate for:

  • 1.

    raising awareness of hearing and hearing loss at community and government level

  • 2.

    protecting hearing and preventing hearing loss – from newborns to the elderly.

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Hearing loss affects one in six New Zealanders, and yet it is still not fully understood. Our goal is to build a society in which the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss are understood and acknowledged.


Half of all cases of hearing loss (including noise-induced hearing loss) are easily prevented or treated. We encourage all New Zealanders to protect their hearing, from birth through to old age. Learn more...

Newborn hearing screening

This free national screening programme for all newborns was set up with support from the Foundation. Read more

Safe Sound Indicators

Excessive noise is harmful to hearing. In schools and preschools we are educating our youngest children about the importance of protecting their hearing through the Safe Sound Indicator (SSI) project.


Bullying prevention

A series of workshops focused on identifying and preventing the bullying of people who have a hearing loss. Read more.


We raise public and government awareness of hearing disability and its impact, through events such as Hearing Week and the Silent Leadership Challenge. View our events.