Our work

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We focus on breaking down barriers for people with hearing loss, and we encourage all New Zealanders to protect and preserve their hearing.

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Help and advice

Each year we give practical support to thousands of people around New Zealand, on every kind of hearing issue – from how to get financial help for hearing aids to problems requiring diagnosis, letters and referrals. We also put people in contact with our member organisations, government departments, and agencies. 

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Understanding and awareness

Messages during Hearing Week encourage all New Zealanders to protect their hearing, and to think about hearing loss. We also advise on how to communicate with those who have this disability.

Noise in the workplace is a leading cause of hearing loss. At work, the hearing-impaired also face isolation. In 2013 we started the successful The Silent Leadership Challenge, asking business leaders to front up for the hard of hearing in the workplace, and to fundraise for the Foundation.

Engaging with decision makers

We are working with MPs and others on funding for adults’ hearing aids and cochlear implants, and access in communication, education and employment.