Our Mission

Roadmap for 2021

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NFDHH's Vision

The wellbeing of New Zealand's Deaf and Hard of Hearing community is NFDHH's top priority.


We focus on helping people to reconnect and transform their lives through access to support, hearing healthcare, and rehabilitation.


We also focus on creating programmes and campaigns that help to foster a society that is more inclusive and recognises the needs of the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

What we believe

We believe that experience of hearing loss should be visible and understood in New Zealand.

We believe that everyone with a hearing loss should have access to communications technologies, tools and services that enable them to communicate and connect with others.

We believe no one should be at risk of losing their hearing due to noise exposure or other preventable causes, and that every New Zealander should know the risks.

What we do

We advocate for vital services and support for people living with a hearing loss.

We connect people by sharing their unique stories and experiences.

We educate people about their hearing health.

We rehabilitate by helping people to access testing, information, technology and support.

Our symbol

The Wellbeing Tree is a vibrant symbol that was created to raise awareness for the experiences of Kiwis who are Deaf or hard of hearing. 

The tree trunk depicts an intergenerational community standing strong together.

The coloured leaves stand for transformation and represent the varied and unique experiences of our community.

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