New Zealand Sign Language Week

Thousands of Kiwis celebrated sign language from the 9th - 15th May. This year, the theme of Deaf Aotearoa's New Zealand Sign Language Week was "Essential". NZSL is essential for Deaf people in education, health, workplaces and to be able to participate equally in society.


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It was a happy NZSL Week!

Every year the team at NFDHH love coming together to celebrate sign language and raise awareness for the experience of Deaf New Zealanders. It's such a great opportunity to brush up on some basic sign language and get involved. 


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Deaf Aotearoa have created an awesome challenge for NZSL Week where they are asking everyone to learn to sign "Pepeha", Six60's beautiful waiata, in NZSL.


Watch our team at NFDHH take on the challenge, and then give it a go yourself. 

Start learning NZSL today!

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) s one of New Zealand's three official languages through the New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006.

NZSL is a beautiful and expressive language that is used by the Deaf community. But anyone can learn!

As more New Zealanders learn to sign, the more accessible and inclusive our society will become.

Check out more NZSL resources.