Support safe listening this March!

This Hearing Awareness Month, help us spread the word.

Globally, 1 in 5 young people have a disabling hearing loss and this number is expected to double if we do nothing. Hearing Awareness Month and World Hearing Day are your opportunities to share how important it is to look after your ears.

This year, the theme is "To hear for life, listen with care!". World Hearing Day also marks the launch of the global standard for safe listening in entertainment venues​, and the Safe Listening Handbook. 


Have an impact on your community, your whānau and friends by sharing the interactive Make Listening Safe Filter on your social channels. Help spread the word about Safe Listening in a fun and interactive way.​

The filter will be available from 3rd March. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or join our newsletter to be notified when this is available.

Find out more about our Make Listening Safe Programme.

How to use the Let's Make Listening Safe filter

Join us for World Hearing Day!

  1. In Instagram, go to create new Story

  2. Scroll the 'camera effects' circles at the bottom of the screen to the left until you get to the end, select 'browse effects'.

  3. Select the search magnifying glass (on the top right of the screen)

  4. Search '#worldhearingday'

  5. Select camera effect: #worldhearingday by nationalfoundationfordeaf 

  6. Select 'Try it' (bottom left of screen)

  7. Hold the capture button to make your story

  8. Make sure to tag @nationalfoundationfordeaf when you post!

Make listening safe for the next generation.

Donate a Sound Monkey to a local preschool.

The Sound Monkey is a sound monitoring device that teaches children about harmful sounds. With a simple traffic light system featured in the Monkey's mouth, children can easily see when noise levels are safe or potentially harmful to their ears.


This Hearing Awareness Month, choose to either make a partial donation or gift a Sound Monkey device in full to a preschool of your choice by donating $245. Your gift will help future generations of New Zealanders to understand the risks of preventable hearing loss and how to look after their precious hearing for life.

A few small changes to listening habits can make a big difference.

Find out more about our Make Listening Safe.

Learn more about our Work in Schools.

Find out more about the Sound Monkey device.

Read the World Report on Hearing. 

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