Sponsor Hearing Screening
in our Schools.

We are reaching out today, as we are combatting an urgent hearing health crisis that can only be averted with the extraordinary support of people like you. It is thanks to you and our amazing donor community that we have been able to deliver a crucial pilot Hearing Screening Programme in secondary schools across New Zealand. Over the last two and a half years, we have screened the hearing of close to 3,000 students. What we have found is alarming. Levels of youth hearing loss are skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate. Today, we are asking for your help again.

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Our recent results show that over 26% of our young people are presenting abnormal hearing results. Furthermore, of those students who received a referral, 62% were diagnosed with moderate or severe hearing loss, and 47% were diagnosed with mild or slight hearing loss. These figures are sobering. Never has there been a greater need for action.

With your help, we can reach more secondary schools in 2022

Our free Hearing Screening Programme in schools is integral to ensuring undiagnosed hearing losses are picked up and treated. We also provide hearing health education through our Make Listening Safe Programme to ensure kids understand the risks and know how to protect their hearing.

This year, NFDHH have secured funding to go to 21 schools. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2022, the Foundation aim to deliver the Hearing Screening and the Make Listening Safe Programmes at 42 secondary schools. Would you be willing to help sponsor a school?

These children need your compassion and action.

As you know, hearing loss has far-reaching and lifelong impacts on a person’s life from their emotional wellbeing and long-term health to education and employment outcomes. We cannot afford to let these devastating levels of undiagnosed hearing loss continue.


NFDHH are putting pressure on the Government to deliver a Public Health Programme that would include nationwide screening for adolescents. However, we need your support to build a foundation for this legacy programme.

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Become a valued partner of the NFDHH School Screening Programme.

With your help, we can combat this hearing health crisis. By supporting our work in schools, you will be making a valuable contribution to young peoples’ hearing health. The more schools we can reach, the more support we can offer to kids in need.

Make a tangible difference in your community.

This is vital work. Often it is in the lower decile schools that we are finding the highest levels of undetected hearing loss in kids. These students desperately require hearing screening and treatment. NFDHH prioritises schools where our screening programme is most needed. Your support can be instrumental in ensuring we offer our Hearing Screening Programme where it will do the most good.

It costs $65 per student to provide a hearing screening and Make Listening Safe educational pack. By choosing to sponsor our work in schools, you will be making a significant difference in the lives of young New Zealanders by enabling them to access free screening, treatment and hearing health education.

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Thank you again for your support. With your help, we can combat these devastating levels of youth hearing loss in New Zealand.

Sponsor Hearing  Screening in our schools.

By making a donation today, you’ll be helping to bring Hearing Screening to 42 schools in 2022. Make a real difference to the hearing health of young New Zealanders through screening, treatment and education.
NFDHH does not receive government funding. Our work is made possible thanks to our supporters’ generosity.

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Your gift of $65 will go towards sponsoring one child’s hearing screening and hearing health education at a secondary school in 2022. Help ensure Kiwi kids aren’t falling through the gaps.

Donate today.

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Your gift of $25 will go towards Make Listening Safe education packs. These help Kiwi kids understand the risks of preventable hearing loss and how to care for their precious hearing. Donate today.

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Make a difference every month by joining our monthly donor community. Ongoing support will enable NFDHH to deliver impactful changes at a national level. Join today.

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