Your child's hearing

If you’re concerned about your child′s hearing, it’s important to get an audiologist to check it. If your child does have a hearing loss, finding it early is good for their language, learning and social development.

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Check your child's hearing

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Did you know that about 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents? So even if there is no history of hearing problems in your family, you need to be alert to any signs that your child might not be hearing properly.

Free hearing tests

The Ministry of Health funds free hearing checks for children.  Visit their website.

Well Child/Tamariki Ora hearing checks
This service is offered free to children from 4–6 weeks to five years, and includes questions about your child’s hearing. Read more

How can I tell if my baby′s hearing is developing at the right rate for its age?

For a start, see our guide to Your Child's Hearing. Then check with your doctor.

What can I do if my child has problems with hearing at school?

Talk to the teacher, your family doctor or arrange a hearing test through a Public Health Nurse (this can be arranged through the school).


Sound strategy to help prevent hearing loss

We were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust and Manukau Community Organisation grants programme to do a campaign to encourage all parents and caregivers to get their children's hearing tested.  The campaign, started in Hearing Week, helps to raise awareness and highlight possible strategies to prevent hearing loss or mitigate its impact through early identification.

Useful links

To find an audiologist, visit the New Zealand Audiological Society.

Equipment for children and young people who are Deaf or have hearing loss. Includes FM systems, replacement hearing aids.

About hearing checks for preschool children – Kidshealth.org.nz