Fact sheets

Deaf or hearing impaired? Practical devices to help (117Kb)

Everywhere noise: Your hearing is at risk (506Kb)

Hearing loss: are you affected? (105Kb)

Living with hearing loss (110Kb)

10 tips to save your hearing  (193Kb)

What is tinnitus?  (539Kb)

Your child’s speech and hearing milestones (113Kb)

Tender ears: educator tips (135Kb)

Fire Safety for the Hearing impaired (353Kb) - a practical guide: What specialist equipment is available, and where can you buy it?  Who can you contact for help with funding, home assessments, or installation?

Reduce noise in your preschool

View our presentation on noise reduction strategies for early childhood centres.

Bullying prevention workshops

Resources include videos, a PowerPoint presentation and a brochure. Find out more.

Hearing Matters magazine

Subscribe to our twice-yearly magazine Hearing Matters and stay up to date on news, activities, research, personal stories and more. View past editions here.


Counter stands

These bright yellow, two-way card come in a plastic stand that sits on the counter, visible to customers and frontline staff. For the public, the card invites them to tell staff if they have a hearing problem. On the staff-facing side, it gives tips on how to speak effectively – face the person, speak clearly and slowly, don’t shout.

To order a free counter stand, please contact us on 0800 867 446 or by email: [email protected].

Safe Sound Indicators

Excessive noise is harmful to hearing. The Safe Sound Indicator helps children learn the importance of
protecting their hearing and gives teachers a tool to keep the noise levels down.

Read about the Safe Sound Indicator project