Hearing aids can help you hear a lot better, and improve your sense of wellbeing, independence and confidence.

Customised benefits

Digital hearing aids allow precise adjustments to each person’s unique hearing loss.

Do you need a hearing aid?

If you think you may need a hearing aid, a first step is to consult an audiologist.

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How does a hearing aid work?

In all hearing aids, sound enters the aid through a tiny microphone. A receiver (loudspeaker) then processes, amplifies and sends the sound to your ear canal. This is done either directly or via tubing to an ear mould.

Types of hearing aid

Hearing aid technology is constantly changing and the wide array of choices can sometimes be confusing.  Read more

Choosing a hearing aid

Before choosing a hearing aid there are a number of factors to consider.

The most important function of your hearing aid is to compensate for your hearing loss. The hearing aid should perfectly match the degree of hearing loss, your level of experience with hearing aids, your lifestyle and financial circumstances.

Your hearing care professional will be able to recommend a solution, and help you make the right choice.

Telecoil: enhancing your hearing aid

Be sure to ask your audiologist for a telecoil (also known as a t-coil or t-switch) in your hearing aid. It’s a tiny coil of wire that picks up a magnetic signal. When you using the telecoil setting on your hearing aid it turns off the microphone, and only picks up the electromagnetic signal, converting it to sound. This allows you to hear only the magnetic signal from, for example, hearing aid-compatible phones and some assistive listening devices.