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Globally, 1 in 5 teenagers have a hearing loss. Worryingly, the World Health Organisation predicts this number will double over the next 30 years due to ongoing exposure to harmful noise and prolonged use of headphones.  To combat this, NFDHH have launched the Hearing Screening Programme, which provides free hearing screenings at selected secondary schools throughout New Zealand.   
We are working hard to ensure youth hearing loss is being picked up, as early as possible, and that students can access the support services they need so that their hearing loss doesn’t hold them back at school or as they transition into their first job. 
The hearing screening results will also form part of a study, which will provide essential data on the prevalence of hearing loss among secondary school students in New Zealand.
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Listen Up New Zealand Report

The Listen Up New Zealand Report is a pilot study that outlines the findings from NFDHH's initial Hearing Screenings at three New Zealand secondary schools in 2019.  
•    479 year 9 students had their hearing screened.
•    161 had an abnormal hearing result, (that’s one in three!). 
NFDHH also collected data on the student’s listening habits. Most worryingly, many students were listening to personal devices at harmful levels. 76 students reported listening to music at maximum volumes on their headphones (100-115 decibels) for over an hour every day. The World Health Organisation recommends capping listening to 1.5 minutes or less at this volume.

Learn More About Hearing Loss in New Zealand Schools

Click below to watch Seven Sharp and News Hub's coverage of our hearing screenings in secondary schools. 

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