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Our annual issue for 2021 is out now.

Hearing Matters Magazine is an annual magazine that is released every September.


The magazine highlights news and stories about our community. 


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September 2021 Issue​

2021 has been an important year for the Foundation. With the launch of the World Report on Hearing, a new Public Health Programme, and the continued growth of our work in secondary schools, we are proud to be advocating for New Zealanders who are Deaf and hard of hearing.


In this issue of Hearing Matters, you will learn more about:


  • The World Report on Hearing, its implications for New Zealand and possible solutions.

  • The work our Youth Advisors are doing to promote hearing health and raise awareness for young Kiwis with hearing loss.

  • Stories from our community - Tarryn-Ann, Adrian and Alison share about their journey with hearing loss and their aspirations for the future.​

Order your hard copydownload a PDF here or read online here. 

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Our September 2020 Issue:

2020 was a tumultuous year, but thanks to our amazing community, we were able to accomplish incredible things.

Topics covered in this issue include: 


  • Finding new ways to support our community during COVID-19, and whether New Zealand's emergency response is adequately supporting Deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Our pilot Hearing Screening Programme in secondary schools, and its continued expansion across the country.

  • The incorporation of Te Reo Māori into New Zealand Sign Language, and why this was such important work.

You can download a PDF here or read online here. 

03- Hearing Matters Magazine- Sept 2020
03- Hearing Matters Magazine- Sept 2020

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