This Hearing Awareness Month 2021, we're inviting you and your workplace to get involved.


Book a workshop to learn more about how to support team members and customers who are Deaf or hard of hearing, and how to look after hearing for life.

Both options are one hour long, and include a full day of hearing screenings for your team.


  • Workshop 1: Hearing Health 

  • Workshop 2: Deaf Awareness & Basics in New Zealand Sign Language 

Already a Hearing Hub Member? 

A lack of hearing loss awareness can lead to communication barriers within your organisation, and between your organisation and its customers. The Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme is a nationwide initiative that provides practical tools and training to assist organisations to be more hearing aware and to be supportive of employees who are Deaf or hard of hearing.


Hearing loss currently affects around 11% of New Zealand's workforce and this number is increasing. Youth hearing loss is on the rise globally, with 1 in 5 teenagers estimated to be living with this disability. As these young people enter the workforce, this will have a significant impact, particularly on organisations who lack inclusivity strategies that accommodate hearing loss.


Increased levels of disabling hearing loss is a widespread global challenge. According to the World Health Organisation, current levels of hearing loss are expected to double over the next three decades. 


Align your disability and inclusion strategy in 2020.  By becoming a Hearing Accredited Workplace, your organisation will be in a stronger position to retain experienced staff, gain access to a new talent pool and attract new customers. 

Make Hearing Loss Awareness part of your Inclusivity Strategy, and join the Hearing Accredited Workplaces Programme today.

In Hearing Accredited Workplaces, everyone's hearing matters. By making hearing awareness part of the everyday conversation - organisations can do a lot to bridge the gap and create supportive and safe work environments.


There are two Hearing Accredited Workplace options to choose from. 

Choose the option that best suits your organisation.

After you register, our Business Manager will get in touch regarding pricing and next steps.

Hearing Health Check-Ups in the Workplace

As part of the Hearing Accredited Workplaces Programme, NFDHH offer free hearing screenings to up to 50 employees. It's a great opportunity for employees to learn more about their hearing health,  to monitor any changes and to ensure they get the support they need.


NFDHH is also collating screening data, as part of a five year study, to get a better understanding of the prevalence of hearing loss in New Zealand workplaces. 

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