Hearing Accredited Workplaces

1 in 6 New Zealanders are Deaf or hard of hearing.


Hearing Accredited Workplaces are organisations that recognise and value Deaf and hard of hearing employees and customers.

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Align Your Inclusivity Strategy.

A lack of hearing loss awareness can lead to communication barriers between your team and between you and your customers. The Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme is an initiative that provides practical tools and training to assist organisations to be more hearing aware and to be supportive of employees who are Deaf or hard of hearing.


Hearing loss currently affects around 11% of New Zealand's workforce and this number is increasing. According to the World Health Organisation, current levels of hearing loss are expected to double over the next three decades. 


Align your disability and inclusion strategy by becoming a Hearing Accredited Workplace. Your organisation will be in a stronger position to retain experienced staff, gain access to a new talent pool and attract new customers.  

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What’s included?
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Facilitated workshops feature experts on hearing health and experts in New Zealand Sign Language and Deaf culture training. Workshops provide practical insights to get your team started on the hearing awareness journey.


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Hearing Screenings are provided alongside the workshops. Screenings help to ensure that team members hearing losses are picked up. Depending on the team size, you can book the hearing screening kiosks for up to a week.

Hearing Screening

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Our online portal provides a whole library of engaging awareness resources available to your team 24/7. Learn about hearing health and Deaf awareness and access useful support services.

The Hearing Hub

After years of working in radio, as part of Hearing Awareness Month, Mel Homer & Jason 'JT' Tikao got a hearing health check-up. Watch this video to see how they got on with their hearing screening results.


Hearing screenings are a great opportunity for employees to learn more about their hearing health, monitor any changes and ensure they get the support they need.


NFDHH is also collating screening data, as part of a five-year study, to get a better understanding of the prevalence of hearing loss in New Zealand workplaces.

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Hearing Health in the Workplace.
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Topics that outline key considerations for supporting Deaf and hard of hearing team members and prioritising hearing health in the workplace.

Awareness Topics

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We work with your organisation to set out short, mid and long term goals that you can work towards to receive your full Hearing Accreditation Certificate.

Action Plan

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Benefit from cross-sector learnings and discover innovative solutions other organisations have put in place. And, once your organisation has become accredited, we look forward to shining a light on your success with a case study.

Case Studies

Meet our HAWP members

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Case Studies


Heartland Bank

“Heartland is committed to fostering a workplace where all people feel welcome and able to bring their whole self to work. Working with the National Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to become a Hearing Accredited Workplace has helped us to make hearing awareness a greater part of our everyday conversation – so we can begin to break down any communication barriers we may have within Heartland, and between us and our customers.”

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Treescape are very proud to be one of the first companies to become a fully Hearing Accredited Workplace… We are committed to working alongside the NFDHH in the future to ensure that we are inclusive of employees who are Deaf and hard of hearing and to minimise the risk of hearing loss for our current employees.” Patrick Crofskey, Chief People & Safety Officer.


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