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For many people in our community, experiences of isolation and disconnection from friends and family is an ongoing challenge. 

With your help, we can change this. 
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Access to a timely diagnosis and treatment are essential for better hearing health outcomes. Your support means we can grow our hearing screening programme in schools.

We are working hard to make New Zealand a more inclusive place. Your support means we can provide Deaf

awareness education in schools and workplaces.

Hearing Aids are life-changing devices. Your support means we can provide more grants toward new hearing aids for New Zealanders facing financial hardship.

NFDHH are advocating for increased funding and accessibility policies to reduce the inequalities faced by our community. Your support means we can continue to campaign for change.

Preventable hearing loss is on the rise in New Zealand. Your support means we can combat this crisis by delivering our Make Listening Safe programme in schools nationwide.

Our community helpline and online support are a lifeline to our community members. Your support means we can continue to care for Kiwis on their hearing loss journey.

The National Foundation for Deaf & Hard of Hearing receives no Government funding for our programmes or services. Your ongoing support will enable NFDHH to deliver impactful changes at a national level.

Donations of $5.00 or more are receipted and are eligible for a tax deduction.

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