We’ve compiled a handy list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing?

The National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a not-for-profit charitable trust that has served and advocated for the Deaf and hard of hearing community in New Zealand for over 40 years.

We are dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable society that recognises the experiences of hearing loss. We believe everyone can play a role in raising awareness and supporting the 880,000+ New Zealanders who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The Foundation also focuses on advocating for accessible hearing healthcare at all life stages, and preventing rising levels of noise-induced hearing loss through screening and education.

What does NFDHH do?

NFDHH works with our community, schools, workplaces, the hearing sector and Central Government to ensure the experience of Deafness and hearing loss are understood and recognised and that caring for hearing health is prioritised at every life-stage.

We know that a timely diagnosis is key to rehabilitation, that’s why we provide Hearing Screening in secondary schools and workplaces. We also provide vital education on how to care for hearing for life and on Deaf culture.

We offer grants and scholarships to Deaf and hard of hearing Kiwis to assist with accessing hearing aids, furthering their education, or giving back to the Deaf and hard of hearing community through events or services.

NFDHH also provides a community outreach programme, which includes a helpline, care packages, newsletters and online community support. It a life-line to thousands of Deaf and hard of hearing New Zealanders.

Where does NFDHH work?

NFDHH’s offices are based in Auckland. However, we work across New Zealand and offer our services throughout the North and South Islands.

How is NFDHH Funded?

Most of NFDHH’s funds come from the generous donations from our donor community. We also receive funds from our partners and grant providers, who help us to deliver specific projects.

I want to get involved. What can I do to help?

There are many ways you can get involved with NFDHH. You could donate to support our work, you could help to raise awareness for the experiences of Deaf and hard of hearing Kiwis, you could fundraise or volunteer your time.

Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with our upcoming campaigns and activities.

How can I donate to NFDHH?

Every amount counts! Small or large, your generous donation will make a difference. Donations provide urgently needed funds towards our work combating preventable hearing loss in schools. Donations also help us to offer more grants towards much-needed hearing aids. You’ll also be helping us to continue to advocate for universal hearing health care and better access to essential support services for our community.

You can donate online or call 09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446

How can I become a regular giver?

By becoming a monthly donor, your regular contribution will help to ensure we can make a strong commitment to our community and the services and support we provide them. Your monthly funds that allow us to plan ahead and deliver our nationwide programmes. Set up a monthly gift online or call 09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446

Can I support a specific project?

Yes you can. You can chose to support one of our specific programmes or campaigns. Please call our friendly team on  09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446 to discuss or email us at: enquires@nfd.org.nz

How can I fundraise for NFDHH?

There are many ways you can raise money for NFDHH. Check out our Take 30 for Hearing Loss fundraiser. Join one of our annual events, such as running Round the Bays for 1 in 5, or do your own thing and contribute the proceeds to NFDHH. If you’d like to fundraise, we’d love to help. Please call our friendly team on  09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446 to discuss or email us at: enquires@nfd.org.nz

Can I leave a bequest to NFDHH?

Bequests ensure we can be there for future generations. By leaving a gift in your Will you will be helping NFDHH to continue to plan for the future and be contributing to better hearing health outcomes and accessiblity in the years to come. Find out more about how to remember NFDHH by leaving gift in your Will.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

For single donations made through the post or by phone, NFDHH will post your tax receipt within 7 working days of your donation. And for online donations, your receipt will be sent by email on the same day. Regular givers will receive an annual tax receipt each March.


If you have an questions about your receipt, please get in touch.  Call our team on  09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446 to discuss or email us at: enquires@nfd.org.nz

How do I update my details?

To update your details with us, please call our team on  09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446 to discuss or email us at: enquires@nfd.org.nz

I’m interested in volunteering with NFDHH.

Our volunteers are special people who offer their valuable time to help keep our organisation running. Volunteers often work alongside our team in our Auckland offices and support upcoming campaigns or events. Your working hours can be flexible between Monday – Friday.

Find out more about volunteering with NFDHH.

What are NFDHH’s current programmes or campaigns?

NFDHH is currently campaigning for universal hearing healthcare and is collaborating with the hearing sector to drive systematic change through a new public health programme. Learn more about NFDHH’s latest appeal here.


We are working in secondary schools to deliver hearing screening and hearing health education programmes. Learn more about our Hearing Screening Programme. Learn more about our Make Listening Safe Programme.

We are also working alongside employers to transform workplaces to be more inclusive of employees who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Learn more about our Hearing Accredited Workplaces Programme.

I can’t find an answer to my question. Who can I contact?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please call our team on  09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446 or email us at: enquires@nfd.org.nz

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