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CapTel decision 'pulls the rug out' for hearing-impaired Kiwis
CapTel decision 'pulls the rug out' for hearing-impaired Kiwis
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Lily McManus Our Youth Ambassador
Lily McManus Our Youth Ambassador
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Our work in schools


Lobbying for mandatory hearing screening in secondary schools

NFDHH's pilot study shows of screening nearly 500 year nine students, it found a third suffered from ringing in their ears. Listen here.

Lobbying for mandatory hearing screening

Phones blamed for rise in teen hearing loss

The pilot study showed one in three of the students had an abnormal result, meaning they have mild to severe hearing loss. Listen here.

Phones blames for rise.PNG
newS hub- frightening figures.PNG

'Frightening' figures show youths are making themselves deaf with loud music

Figures released show 34 percent of pupils studied had abnormal hearing. Find the video and article here.

teenagers warned to turn the music down.

Teenagers warned to turn the music down or risk loss of hearing

Results from a new survey carried out by the NFDHH found many young people had the volume settings up far too loudly. Read more.

Deaf Foundation blames earbuds.PNG

Deaf Foundation blames earbuds, phones for teens' hearing loss

The foundation said 34 percent of 479 Year 9 students it screened at three secondary schools this year showed signs of hearing loss. Read more.

Alarming youth hearing loss.PNG

Alarming Youth Hearing Loss Rates

“Once you lose your hearing, you cannot get it back. Yet the propensity for teenagers to put their hearing at risk is truly frightening." Read more. 

1 in 3 kiwis suffer from hearing loss.PN

Pilot screening programme finds one in three Kiwi teens suffers from hearing loss

"This really is becoming a public health issue, and as a nation we need to address youth hearing loss immediately," says Natasha Gallardo, NFDHH chief executive.  Read more. 

Study finds one third of teenagers on track for hearing impairment

NFDHH's CEO Natasha Gallardo says parents and teachers need to help young people recognise the harm they might be doing. Listen here.

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tvnz- how bad are headphones.PNG

How bad are headphones for the hearing of young people?

A pilot study into the hearing of high school-aged children has some alarming results.  Watch the video.

headphones and smartphones.PNG

Headphones and smartphones causing alarming rates of hearing loss in New Zealand kids

Some are even complaining of constant ringing in their ears, so bad it keeps them awake at night. Watch the video and read the story.

newshub- generation deaf.PNG

'Generation Deaf': How NZ's 'alarming' habits are ruining our hearing

A pilot programme has just been launched by NFDHH to understand the growing increase in hearing loss in children in NZ.

Watch the video and read the story.


Transforming workplaces

There are 300,000+ New Zealanders who are Deaf and hard of hearing and working age. NFDHH is working hard to ensure that workplaces are more inclusive of their Deaf and hard of hearing employers.

Raising awareness


Sky announces community groups selected for its Community Advertising airtime offer

Sky has announced the community groups selected to receive airtime through its Community Advertising initiative. In response to Covid-19, NFDHH has launched its #ImHearForYou campaign and has extended its services to provide much needed support to those in the Deaf and hard of hearing community who are vulnerable and isolated. Download article.

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Captions On Please
3 play media- nz web accessibility snaps

New Zealand Web Accessibility & Closed Captioning

Every New Zealander deserves equal access to media content. There are over 800,000 Kiwis living with hearing loss, or 1 out of 6 people, who don’t have adequate and consistent access to news. Read more.

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Petition launched to ensure all TV programmes are captioned in NZ

Funded captions are provided on some Kiwi shows and evening news programmes are captioned. But major sporting events such as Super Rugby on Sky TV are not. Read more.



Deaf woman says people on bus given no support after crash

A woman who is profoundly deaf says a bus driver failed to offer her and other passengers support after a crash left people with cuts.  Watch video and read more.

bus crash.PNG
please dont overlook our needs amid pand

‘Please don’t overlook our needs amid pandemic’ in Gisborne Herald

The organisation has teamed up with Deaf Aotearoa to urgently lobby the Government to ensure inclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing communities in its approach to Covid-19. Gisborne Herald. 18/08/2020. Page 17. Download article.

plea from deaf community.PNG

Plea from Deaf community 

NFDHH is concerned people with hearing loss are being discriminated against and their needs overlooked in the Government's response to the Covid-19
pandemic. Otago Daily Times. 17/08/2020 page 4. Download article.

rnz- we're still asking to be lsitened t

Hearing loss communities: 'We are still asking to be listened to'

Gallardo acknowledged the government's recommendation to use face masks was imperative to help stop the spread of the virus, but she believed it presented a major communication barrier for the people who relied on lip reading for communication. Read more.

scoop- warning deaf and HoH are being di

WARNING: Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Discriminated Against In Latest Pandemic Rules

“Many of the hard of hearing community are becoming more anxious when confronted by someone wearing a mask, or watching news reports and not knowing what is happening. .”Read more.

voxy- discrimination.PNG

'Deaf and hard of hearing discriminated against in latest pandemic rules'

The hundreds of thousands of people with hearing loss are being discriminated and their needs overlooked in the latest government guidelines to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more.

How the New Pandemic Rules Impact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Everyone wears masks or face coverings when in public. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people with hearing loss that struggle to communicate without being able to lip read. Listen here.

95bfm- how the pandemic rules impact the
heaing aid fund is a lifeline.PNG

Hearing Aid fund is a lifeline

The charity that advocates for people with hearing loss has launched a Hearing Aid Fund, and is offering 20 grants towards hearing aids. Read more.

Covid-19 amplifies struggle.PNG

Covid-19 amplifies struggles of deaf and hard of hearing

Anna who is hard of hearing, said people who wore face masks at supermarkets and pharmacies meant she could no longer lip-read, and voices were muffled. Read more.

Speaking up about hearing loss

NFDHH ambassador Lily McManus

Our youth ambassador Lily McManus talks about her hearing-loss journey to raise awareness and encourage others to seek help before it impacts their mental health.