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A major factor in youth hearing loss is ongoing exposure to loud noises, such as listening to personal devices on headphones too loudly and for too long. 

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NFDHH offer $500 grants towards new hearing aids. Learn more.

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We believe everyone should be able to access hearing aids if they need them.

Hearing aids can have a hugely beneficial impact on being able to connect meaningfully with others. Unfortunately, many who need them cannot afford them. 

To help bridge this gap, the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Lily McManus have teamed up to create the Hearing Aid Fund, which supports hard of hearing New Zealanders who are facing financial hardship. Each successful applicant will receive up to $500 towards their new hearing aids.

You can help us to grow the Hearing Aid Fund. By giving this Christmas, you’ll be enabling people in our community to hear sounds they’ve been missing out on. Sounds like their baby’s or grandchild’s first words, their children’s voices, and conversations with their loved ones.

Applications are now open.


We hope to give away 100 grants to help New Zealanders to access the hearing aids they desperately need. 

We've teamed up with Lily McManus

Lily McManus believes a New Zealander’s financial situation shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing hearing aids. Her goal is to help as many New Zealanders as possible to receive the hearing aids they need.

In the video featured below, Lily McManus interviews Deva about her personal experiences with hearing loss and how her new hearing aids, generously donated by Lily McManus, have changed her life.

Change a life today

In 2020, many of our community members reached out to share their heartbreaking stories about their struggles to afford new hearing aids. We simply had to help! That’s why NFDHH have teamed up with our Ambassador, Lily McManus, to launch the Hearing Aid Fund.

Thanks to those who donated to the Hearing Aid Fund, we were able to gift our first round of grants to some very grateful recipients in October 2020. They were touched and relieved to receive financial support towards their much-needed new hearing aids.

Our most recent grant recipients were thrilled to receive this grant:

“My deep appreciation to the Foundation and supporters. After many years of hearing difficulty, I will be able to fully participate in conversations and enjoy television and movies again.” Mary F. Hearing Aid Fund Grant Recipient.


“This is terrific! It will make life much easier for my family. I loved it when I tried my new hearing aids at testing. I couldn’t believe the difference.” Helen-Mary G. Hearing Aid Fund Grant Recipient.

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