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Connect with your local Deaf and

hard of hearing community.

Join our NFDHH Meetups and come together to meet new people, and most importantly, have fun!

This new initiative is an opportunity for our community members to spend quality time with people who understand the unique perspective of being Deaf, or living with a hearing loss, in a supportive environment.

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Our Next Meetup

9th of May


Aotea Square - 12 Noon


Join us during NZSL Week in Aotea Square for a picnic and NZSL taster class. This exciting event, brought to you by Merge NZ, will feature plenty of entertainment all about raising awareness for New Zealand Sign Language and the local Deaf community. After we take our taster class at 12:30 PM you are welcome to join us for a picnic in the square. Just look out for our banners!

Past Meetups

Movies in Parks, 13th of March

Glover Park, St. Heliers


We met up at Auckland Council's Movies in Parks, and were treated to free popcorn and refreshments as we watched the comedy film Yesterday. This film was one of twenty captioned films playing in Auckland's parks this summer. An NZSL interpreter was also available for pre-event entertainment. It was a great night for all of us.

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