Deaf & Hearing Awareness Workshops
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Book a Deaf & Hearing Awareness Workshop for your workplace.

There are four great options to choose from.

There are so many reasons to book your Deaf & Hearing awareness workshop.

Hearing loss affects 11% of New Zealand’s workforce and that number is on the rise.

If your organisation isn’t taking proactive steps to create an inclusive and accessible experience for Deaf and hard of hearing staff and customers, then you are likely missing out on valuable interactions.  

Our workshops help your organisation to identify gaps, provide practical solutions and enhance your knowledge of Deaf and hard of hearing awareness. We have four great workshop options you can choose from.

What’s included?

Each workshop runs for 1 hour and is delivered to your team by NFDHH and partners.

On-site hearing screenings are included as part of your first workshop. These are an excellent way for your whole team to check their hearing.

Check out our workshops below or download our workshop brochure.

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Hearing Awareness Journey

Start your hearing awareness journey. Understand the impact of hearing loss and some of the common misconceptions. Discover how we hear, how to stay within your weekly sound allowance and how to make hearing health a priority in your workplace.

Learn about the practical steps your workplace can implement today to accommodate Deaf and hard of hearing employees and customers.

1-hour interactive team workshop delivered by NFDHH and partners.

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Deaf Awareness and an Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language

Deaf culture is the set of social beliefs, behaviors, history and values that are shared by communities that are influenced by deafness and which use sign language as their primary means of communication.

This is your team’s opportunity to learn about Deaf culture and the basics of New Zealand Sign Language, such as how to fingerspell, introduce yourself in sign and some useful greetings and everyday phrases.

1-hour workshop learning from experts in New Zealand Sign Language.

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Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers

Over 880,000 New Zealanders are Deaf or hard of hearing. What accessibility strategies does your organisation have in place to support these customers?

In this workshop we walk you through some of the common barriers faced by your Deaf and hard of hearing customers and explore practical tools that help to remove them.

1-hour interactive team workshop delivered by NFDHH.

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Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees

Over 330,000 working age New Zealanders are Deaf or hard of hearing and this number is expected to double over the next 30 years.

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to become more inclusive of Deaf and hard of hearing employees.

It is a chance for the whole team to learn about hearing loss aware communication in typical workplace scenarios.

1-hour interactive team workshop delivered by NFDHH.

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