Deafness Research Foundation Grants & Scholarships


Criteria and Application Details


Three types of funding available:

  • PhD Scholarship of up to $23,000 plus course fees (and possible additional one year extension)
  • Travel grants - varying amounts to several applicants
  • Project grants - varying amounts for up to three years, to cover salaries and working expenses
  • PhD Scholarship - to one applicant, after annual grant round in middle of each year
  • Travel grants - to more than one applicant, continually throughout year
  • Project grants - to one or more applicants after annual grant round in middle of each year
Purposes funded
  • Scholarship - research into hearing and deafness
  • Travel grants - to attend domestic and international conferences or courses on hearing and deafness. Preference given to people presenting papers (oral or poster presentations), especially papers related to research supported by the Foundation
  • Project grants - research into hearing and deafness
Eligibility criteria

Email Professor Peter Thorne at The University of Auckland - for full information

Administration Deafness Research Foundation
How to apply

All applications must be on the official application form. Photocopies of the form are acceptable.

Email your completed application form to or post it to:

Deafness Research Foundation
c/- The National Foundation for the Deaf
P. O Box 37729
Auckland 1151

Closing date for applications
  • Scholarship - No PhD scholarship is available in 2014
  • Travel grants - Applications accepted at any time
  • Project grants - 1 August 2014
Terms and
conditions of award
Refer to individual application forms
More information

Email Professor Peter Thorne at The University of Auckland -

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