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Silent Leadership Challenge 2014

Calling all New Zealand corporate and community leaders! Help break the silence around hearing loss by participating in Silent Leadership Challenge 2014

You'll register online and seek sponsorship donations from your friends and colleagues. Then, on 1 August, you'll undertake four communication challenges wearing ear protectors to simulate deafness. Find out more, including what last year's participants had to say.

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Over 700,000 New Zealanders have some type of hearing loss. The National Foundation for the Deaf supports the rights of people with hearing loss and upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Letter to John Key     23 July 2014

Hon John Key
Prime Minister

New Zealand Government

Dear Minister

In Scotland, people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing are being asked to comment on the quality of the Commonwealth Games captioning. Spare a thought for us in New Zealand - we can’t comment on the quality as it is non-existent!

It begs the question: are Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in New Zealand even considered to be members of the Commonwealth?

As Prime Minister how do you intend to uphold our right to access and participate in the Commonwealth Games?

Regards, Louise Carroll

CEO, The National Foundation for the Deaf


Auditory Processing Disorder Reference Group announcement - 22 July 2014

Following completion of the review into Auditory Processing Disorder, which was completed by Sapere Research Group on behalf of the Ministries of Education and Health, an expert reference group is being established to progress many of the areas which were identified in the review report. Read more

During Hearing Week 2014 (24-30 March) we highlighted the important role technology plays in improving the quality of life of New Zealanders who are deaf or hearing imapired. While there's much to celebrate, we still have a long way to go in helping Kiwis like Annabel.

Download the Caption It campaign poster featuring Annabel  
Read more about Annabel and Hearing Week 2014

Caption It campaign


By Captioning only 25% of public television, the New Zealand government is failing to meet its
human rights obligations in relation to captioning. Read more on our Caption It campaign
Download our Caption It poster

The National Foundation for the Deaf has sent a submission to the UN’s four-yearly review of New Zealand’s human rights. The focus is the pressing issues of ACC, Auditory Processing Disorder and captioning. Read more.

Strategic Sounds - The NFD Strategic Plan 2020


The Foundation has outlined the principles and plans that will guide its vision and work over the next seven years in the booklet Strategic Sounds: The National Foundation for the Deaf Strategic Plan 2020, published in 2013.

Read the booklet, or contact our CEO Louise Carroll.

  The World Health Assembly has urged WHO Member States to implement a number of vital measures to improve health care for people with disabilities.  Read the full article here.

A major breakthrough in the understanding of hearing and noise-induced hearing loss has been made by hearing scientists from three Pacific Rim universities.  The research was part-funded by The Deafness Research Foundation. Read the full article.

The International Federation of Hard of Hearing People has appointed the Foundation's CEO Louise Carroll to fill the newly-created position of Human Rights Officer.
Louise will be assisting IFHOH and its members in its work with the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.  The Foundation is one of 45 IFHOH members from 29 countries.

The new CapTel Phone was launched in Parliament in February.  The Foundation's CEO Louise Carroll took New Zealand's first ever CapTel call from Communications Minister Amy Adams. Find out more about CapTel.

The Foundation and Project HIEDI have responded to the reported need for 2000 babies to be recalled for hearing screening tests after the Ministry of Health discovered “irregularities” in its national Newborn Hearing Screening Programme.

Four-year-old Tyler had fluid in both ears that is stopping his ear drums from vibrating to sound, and he needed grommets to assist with regaining his hearing.  But his family was advised it would be at least 6 months before he could get an appointment to be assessed for surgery.

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The Challenge is on for NZ corporate and community leaders! Register today

Hearing Matters Autumn 2014 Cover

In the Autumn 2014 issue of our magazine Hearing Matters we report on the campaign for TV and movie captions. Download this issue

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Excessive noise is harmful to hearing. Our Safe Sound Indicator (SSI) helps children learn the importance of protecting their hearing - and gives teachers a tool to keep the noise levels down. Learn more   Order now

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Having trouble hearing on the phone?
A Captel phone turns your caller's words into captions on the screen almost instantly, while you still hear the actual sounds of your caller speaking. Learn more.


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